Conni Bed Pad and Mattress Pad for Incontinence Management

Conni produces the industry-leading, cost effective, super-absorbent, multi-layered bed pad for both child bed wetting and adult incontinence. The Conni Bed Pad is quick to absorb moisture, move and lock moisture away from the surface and center of the pad so that the user remains dry and comfortable.  

Conni Bed Pad layer WEB

Take Care!!!  All brands of bed pads and re-usable products for continence products are not the same!

Many products selected for use on hospital beds are not absorbent enough. 64% of acute nursing time is taken up with continence issues. Conni Bed Pads have a guaranteed absorbent capacity that reduces the need for repeated bed changes and provides increased nursing time for other issues. Our products are designed with 'non-pilling' surface fabric, which is critical for skin integrity, particularly in aged or critical care.

Industry Standard
Absorption Speed
10 sec
< 20 sec
Spread Rate
9 sec
< 70 sec
Wickback Amount
< 3%

What makes our products so good?