Planning is crucial for managing incontinence.

  • As a carer, there are many aspects that may need to be considered.
  • Planning for ups and downs. Individuals living with incontinence can often feel embarrassed, stigmatised and distressed. As a carer, having measures in place to cope with these days can help alleviate stresses for the client and the carer.
  • Plan for aids and resources. As a carer, it is great to have an idea of how long resources will last for and when they will need to be restocked or replaced. Having this information in a frequently used area can ensure that you never go without the supplies you need. 
  • You may need to plan ahead to manage incontinence. Accidents happen and it helps to have measures in place to make these moments easier. 
  • Having enough supplies if you need to assist the person you are caring for to change 

incontinence planning