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We recommend soaking your new inserts or AIO nappies in cold water overnight then wash them with your OSFM nappy outers prior to using them.

Washing - It’s no harder than washing your babies clothes!

Step 1: Flush away solids
Tip all solids into the toilet. If you’re using a bamboo liner, tip the solids and discard the liner in the bin.

Step 2: Rinse under the tap
Rinsing helps to remove any excess solids, dilutes acidic urine, minimises staining and cuts down on the smells coming from your laundry.

Step 3: Store in the Conni Laundry bag (or another dry pail)
The longer nappies sit soiled, the shorter their life span, we recommend you wash your cloth nappies at least every second day. In between wearing and washing, nappies should be stored in a Conni Laundry Bag or alternative dry pail. Don’t soak your cloth nappies in anything! Dry pailing helps to reduce odours, prevent detergent build-up and ensure your cloth nappies last a long time. We recommend adding a tablespoon of bicarb to your laundry bag to help reduce smells and neutralise the acid in the urine during the pre-rinse.

Step 4: Machine Pre-rinse (no more than 40℃)
Run your nappies through the pre-rinse cycle in your washing machine, this will get rid of excess urine and soiling before washing.

Step 5: Normal wash cycle (no more than 40℃)
Nappies and inserts should be put through a normal wash cycle with the amount of detergent recommended on the packet. Don’t use any bleach or fabric softener.

Step 6: Hang in the sun to dry
Sunshine will help with stains, smells and any bacteria. If you need to use a dryer, only use it for the inserts. AIO nappies and OSFM nappy shells will last longest when line dried. If a dryer is required occasionally, it must be on low heat (no more than 40℃) to ensure the longevity of your nappies.

Don’t use bleach or fabric softener when washing your nappies
Don’t store dirty/ wet nappies for any more than 2 days
Line dry your nappies