June 2014 - Medshop Australia is proud to be associated with  Conni as one of their suppliers to the retail trade.

Conni is widely regarded as a leading brand of incontinence and related products, and Medshop Australia has many customers (individuals, aged care facilities, care - and medical facilities) who require top quality incontinence products.
Medshop Australia is an industry leader in providing online medical supplies, and national delivery of medical consumables and products, and we require reliable and efficient top quality products which we are able to supply to our customer base in a timely manner, and at a competitive and market-related price.
Conni ticks all of these boxes for us. Their customer service department is outstanding, and is always happy to provide assistance to our Medshop staff in recommending the best or most suitable product for our customers' situation, and to advise on availability and lead times. Conni is always reliable in delivering our orders to us in the quickest possible way. In this way, Medshop is able to forward these products on to our customers quickly and reliably, resulting in happy customers that will stay with Medshop Australia and Conni as the suppliers who give them what they want and need.
Medshop Australia and Conni – a happy partnership all around.