I was very pleased how thin it was, that the bed didn’t get wet at all even with my daughter wearing diapers, which always seem to leak somehow, because the bed was always wet and we had to change the bed in the middle of the nights prior to Conni Kids Bed Pad. The next night we tried it without the diaper and first I thought, that she stayed dry all night, but only when I picked the bed pad up, I realised that wasn’t the case, but it was all absorbed in the pad! Very very pleased with it. So now my daughter seems to start understanding what’s the big deal about not wearing a diaper at night. I have been washing it every day and it seems to be still just as bright as we got it the first day. It is very easy to wash, dries very quickly. I am very happy and will definitely recommend it to all my friends with little kids that are toilet training. It is great, and my daughter is very proud of herself too, because she is getting her sticker count up.