When Glenys was little she used to set up a table in her bedroom and pretend it was her office.

She had pens and notepads and even though she couldn’t write properly she would scribble endlessly across the paper pretending to write like a big person.

Her desk was always neat. It’s not neat anymore!

When she was little she constantly said she wanted to help old people…and animals… and she always wondered if trees felt pain.

Glenys thought about being a nurse, but she didn't cope with  blood and still has to look away when having a blood test.

She found her way into technical textiles, particularly the absorbent type and combined that with helping people, so incontinence became her ‘thing’.

Glenys soon discovered her career path filled all her childhood desires…helping people and animals and saving trees.

Bingo....CONNI was created and remains her passion.