Alanna started life out on a farm in Victoria, then as a teenager headed north to a rainforest lined valley in Far North Queensland where her favourite past times were a daily bungy jump or two and endless wakeboarding. She lived in bathers and thongs and had a very adventurous yet relaxed life. Eventually, with kids in tow, she decided to reign in the daily adrenaline hit and move "home" to settle in Geelong, reconnect with family and friends and perhaps find a career that gave her a sense of purpose greater than your average day job.

Alanna never really knew what career she wanted, midwifery, something to do with science, project management, product design, office work, they all seemed appealing but not quite right. What she did know was, she loves to work and keep her mind stimulated and that work is most satisfying when helping others and putting her energy into something that she can be proud of. Naturally, working for Conni had an instant appeal, ticked so many of her boxes and she was excited to join the amazing team!