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When is it time to replace my Conni products?

With commentary by Glenys Drayton, founder and inventor of Conni Products. When will I know that my Conni product is on its last innings? I’ve used the bed pad for all four of my kids over the ye...

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"I have my consumables funding, now what?"

When it comes to your NDIS funding, it can be a daunting task knowing how and where you can spend the funding, to the best way to utilise your consumable funds. Your support co-ordinator is always...

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Different uses of Conni Bed & Chair Pads

    Anyone who knows our amazing Conni Bed and Chair Pads, knows they are excellent for things such as living with continence, toilet training...

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Bringing Aged Care and Child Care together

Intergenerational care programs are proving to be a fabulous and popular program as many projects are finding positives in bringing the two together. Studies are also showing that the continued use...

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What Makes A Good Bed Pad?

Choosing a bed pad can be a tedious task. Reusable or disposable? Larger or smaller? With Tuck-ins or without? $15 or $75? You’ve got a lot of options to choose from when it comes to your incon...