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Conni Kids - Solutions for Bedwetting Children and Toilet Training

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Conni Kids Max Bedpad Conni Kids Standard Bedpad Conni Kids Toilet Training Kit

Conni Kids Max Bedpad

Conni Kids Standard Bedpad

Conni Kids Toilet Training Kit

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Conni Kids Tackers Sports Conni Kids Tackers Draw Mac Waterproof Sheet

Conni Kids Tackers Sports

Conni Kids Tackers

Draw Mac Waterproof Sheet

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Kids Bedwetting and Toilet Training

Conni has a range of products specially designed for kids who are toilet training or bedwetting children. 



No need to strip the bed in the morning just remove and wash the bed pad - the original 1 minute bed change




Conni Kids Max Bed Pad for Kids Bedwetting:

With tuck ins - washable, waterproof, absorbent bed pad caterpillar print 


Kids Bed Pad

The original Conni Kids reusable Bed Pad for bedwetting is the same as the absorbent, waterproof, washable Conni Max and is available in fun prints suitable for both girls and boys. When used for a boy it is advisable to also buy the toilet training pants as well to direct any urine downwards and thus protect the upper sheet and other bedding. Alternately the Draw Mac sheet protector, Conni waterproof doona protector and Conni waterproof pillow protector can be used to keep bedding completely dry.
The washable Conni Kid's Bed Pad Max for bedwetting and toilet training absorbs up to 5 pints (2,500 mls) of urine. This level of absorbency far exceeds the industry average so your child can get a good night's sleep in comfort. This product is perfect when using any toilet training or potty training program including 3 day potty training or 3 day toilet training. When using the Conni Kids Bed Pad you can enjoy the benefits of the 1 minute bed change, including getting everyone back to bed and back to sleep quickly.
Conni's cost effective, super-absorbent, multi-layered waterproof bed pad for child bedwetting (and adult incontinence) has a smooth and soft top layer which resists 'pilling' thus helps maintain skin integrity which is so critical in the prevention of bed sores. The Conni washable bed pad quickly absorbs moisture, moves it and locks moisture away from the surface and center of the bed pad so that the user remains dry and comfortable. Kids bed pad

In the morning simply remove the bed pad leaving all the normal sheets and bedding and replace with a fresh bed pad. 
The Conni Kids Max is 39" x 39" (1m x 1m) and hold over 5 pints (2500ml) of fluid.


Conni Kids Standard Bed Pad for Kids Bedwetting:


Washable, waterproof, absorbent bed pad, marine print

The smaller absorbent, washable and waterproof Bed Pad for bedwetting children and toilet training measures 37.4 x 33.5 inches (95 cm x 85 cm) has the same waterproof polyurethane laminate backing as the Max bed pad but without the tuck ins. The edges are bound and have a neat finish. The undersurface has a 'grippy' property which assists the bed pad to stay in place for all but the most restless sleepers. The standard bed pad holds over 4 pints (2000ml) of fluid.

Kids Toilet Training


Free Toilet Training Kit

The Conni Kids Bed Pad comes with a FREE toilet training kit comprising a poster, stickers, a Conni Achievement Certificate and advice and tips for parents.


Kids Toilet Training Pants:
Washable, waterproof, absorbent toilet training undergarments, pull ups                                                                  

The Conni Kids range of toilet training pants (toilet training undergarments) helps make your child more comfortable during the toilet training process. These toilet training underpants pants are soft and comfortable to wear. They are suitable for light incontinence . It has a soft microfibre lining, extremely thin absorbent core and waterproof barrier up to the waistband front and back. These childrens waterproof underwear are excellent for those who wish to use training pants, or for children with special needs. When hanging on the line, you would not know they were absorbent and waterproof incontinence underwear for children!


Toilet training pants
Toilet training pants

Care and Washing Instructions


Bed Pad

To maintain maximum absorbency avoid using creams, lotions, oils or talcum on the person using the Conni product, or on the Conni product. Simply warm machine wash (NOT HOT) with a good quality laundry detergent: Never use fabric softeners as it puts a coating on the special fibres and interferes with the pad's absorbency. An oxygen bleach like Napisan is recommended if there are any difficult stains or odours (do not use harsh bleach). The Conni Bed Pad and training pants quickly dries on the clothesline or in the tumble dryer on LOW heat. Too much heat can damage the polyurethane backing.

Our Conni Bed Pads and Chair Pads are prescribed and used in health care facilities across Australia which is testament to their quality and effectiveness. 


Textile Safety

Conni Washable Incontinence Products

Conni incontinence products and Conni Kids bedwetting and toilet training products have passed the rigorous scientific testing by Oeko-Tex to ensure the absence of harmful substances (which are often found in disposable incontinence products). Your Conni product is Oeko-Tex accredited and safe to use against the skin. Registration code SHHO 063619.
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