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 Pick-Pocket nurses pouch and belt
Pick-Pocket nurses pouch
Now new and improved

Nurses pouch and belt

Pick-Pocket nurses pouch and belt
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Bag for Community Nurses 
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Conni Awards 

quote.gif We introduced the Conni Awards in 2004 to recognise the great work of continence nurses. We are committed to supporting Continence Nurses and the Continence Industry Australia-wide. Download our latest application form. Congratulations to all our winners" Glenys Drayton

 Conni Testimonials  

quote.gifI bought two bed pads from you about 4 years ago...the one you so promptly sent a couple of days ago is wonderful! The technology must have changed in 4 years. It is so soft, light and comfortable. And your service was excellent...'' Deborah Stanton

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Conni Products for Incontinence and Bed-Wetting


Conni is the leading brand of reusable incontinence products in Australia. Our absorbent bed pads and mattress protectors are the most recommended and used products for incontinence in the Australian healthcare system.

1 in 4 people will experience bladder weakness in their lifetime, we can help! If you, or your loved one are dealing with incontinence, Conni's offers  discreet and comfortable protection for continence management. 

Conni reusable and washable incontinence supplies help make living with incontinence easier, they are cost effective and environmentally sustainable.

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Conni Kids Bed Pad

"what a fabulous product..."

Kidspot mums review



Conni Kids Absorbent and Waterproof Bed Pad

Absorbent, waterproof, washable.
Your child will be comfortable.

Australia's #1 Bed Pad

The most technically advanced, highest performing bed pad on the market. 


Conni Max Bed Pad Absorbent and Waterproof
Take the stress out of incontinence.
Protect your valuable bedding.

Conni helps with Adult incontinence and kids toilet training

You won’t have to worry about those ‘little accidents’ when using kids toilet training underpants. Conni products make toilet training easy and help with bedwetting.

Conni range of incontinence products includes incontinence pads that are placed like a disposable pad into your normal undies; these are great for stress incontinence and as menstrual pads. We also have reusable and washable mens and ladies incontinence pants that have absorbent padding in exactly the right places. Our incontinence pants act like an adult diaper and are perfect for stress incontinence and ‘leaking’ after surgery, including prostate surgery. The incontinence pants have a thin absorbent pad that is soft, quiet and comfortable: so discreet that no one will know you are wearing them. 

Conni products are easy to wash and re-use thus you can balance personal comfort, convenience and value with your ethical commitment of caring for the environment.


Conni Kids Training Pants and Adult Incontinence Pants
Conni Kids Training Pants

Conni Incontinence Products, Bed Pads and Kids Bedwetting Solutions

Conni products are suitable for use at home or in the healthcare system. We continue to develop new incontinence products through consultation with our customers, carers, clinicians and health professionals.

The Conni brand is the most technically advanced and highest performing incontinence product on the market.


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Buy Conni Anti Slip Floor Mat


Caring for you

Conni incontinence products and Conni Kids bedwetting products have passed the rigerous scientific testing by Oeko-Tex to ensure the absence of harmful substances (which are often found in disposable incontinence products). Your Conni product is Oeko-Tex accredited and safe to use against the skin.
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Our Guarantee to you

We take care to manufacture all our Conni incontinence products to the highest standards and specifications. Our incontinence products and bedwetting protectors are technically advanced and high performing. We offer a money back guarantee on all our absorbent and waterproof incontinence products and accessories. 
Money back guarantee Conni

Protect the environment

Our waterproof and absorbent incontinence products are reusable and washable and can be passed through generations: the same bed pads are used for bedwetting and toilet training to adult incontinence care. Our incontinence products are cost effective and environmentally sustainable. Our manufacturing process is free of PVC, latex and formaldehyde. Our production unit is purpose built using a vertically integrated system minimizing unnecessary transport and packaging costs.


Caring for your Conni Product

Caring for your Conni incontinence product and bedwetting protection is easy. Whether a bed pad, mattress protector or washable absorbent incontinence pad, simply machine wash in cold or warm water with your normal laundry detergents and Napisan. Your Conni absorbent and waterproof incontinence products can be line dried or tumble-dried on a low setting. Remember not to use fabric softener, talcum powder, barrier cream and bleach as this changes the absorption quality.
Washing and care of your Conni incontinence product







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